Audio Playback Magic


Streamline your music composition process and work in real time with all 3 programs... you can spend more time on creativity and writing music, and less time on software inefficiency. 


You're a composer or arranger, and your music design process looks like this: 

Composing and Engraving in Sibelius

Synth Programming in MainStage

Sound Design and Creating Mockups in Logic Pro

...and you’re looking to do all three in one workflow, so that when you're done writing everything is done and ready to go.

Let me ask you a question:

What if you were able to stop wasting time working separately in each individual program — and started being more efficient by doing all three processes simultaneously? 

It's possible -- Let's go, I'm going to show you exactly how.

Here’s the deal with learning about writing, programming, and delivering your music when you first start juggling all of the skills needed to succeed as a composer:


Most workflows are built around the limitations of each program. Each has its role in your process, but they're not built to do all of it. 


The tutorials out there show you broad strokes ways to connect the programs, but they don't show you the exact steps to get all 3 programs working at the same time.


Our process has been refined over years of use and has been used for some of the top shows created in the Marching Arts.

...that’s where Audio Playback Magic comes in.

The Workflow 

Step #1

Configure settings in Mac OS as well as Sibelius, MainStage, and Logic Pro to operate together

Step #2

Connect Sibelius to MainStage for Synth and Sample Playback

Step #3

Connect Sibelius to Logic Pro for Sound Design and playback of other sounds.

Step #4

Bask in the glory of hearing your composition playing back in real time - as well as recording everything in one pass to create your mockup

Ready to be inspired to create a unique sound without the hassle of an inefficient workflow?


With this methodyou'll save time, increase creativity, and maximize your efficiency during writing sessions.


Audio Playback Magic


Create an efficient music design workflow

Here’s everything that’s included:

  • 2 Hour Workshop Video
  • Supplemental Guide for Finale/Dorico
  • Access to our Private Community

Today's price: just $25


Here's exactly what you're going to learn how to do:

Route Midi using the IAC Bus

Within the Mac OS is a hidden virtual midi transport system that will be what we use to connect the 3 programs. No ReWire, no additional Software.

Control MainStage with Sibelius

With the newly formed connection, Sibelius will control MainStage and trigger all of your Synth and Sample patches as well as trigger patch changes.

Control Logic Pro with Sibelius

We'll get under the hood of Logic Pro so you can experiment with sound design while writing in Sibelius. You'll also be able to take advantage of Logic's built in sounds.

Learn the Workflow with all 3 programs

You'll be able to work in all three programs without multiple midi controllers, and without constantly muting or closing each program. Everything will just work.

Everything you need to create your score, sound design, synth playback, and mockup -- all in one workflow.

What is included with your purchase:

2 Hour Training Video

The workshop will take you methodically through every single step needed to make the entire process work. All in a simple to use platform where you can work through the material at your own pace.

Guide for Finale/Dorico Users

A step for step guide to assist you in recreating a version of the process if you don't use Sibelius.

Access to our Private Group 

A thriving community where you can discuss, share, ask questions, and receive support from myself and other passionate members of our workshop.


I asked customers why they were excited for the workshop.

Here is what some of them said:

"I'm very excited to learn about your work flow because I currently have an inefficient system that involves NotePerformer days and VDL/Kontakt/MainStage days. This system slows my process down, and I would love to learn some new ways to operate."

- Andrew M. (Composer/Arranger/Educator)

"The thing I am the most excited about with your clinic is being able to speed up my process and also being able to share MainStage files and not having to go in and do all of the programming after I've sent them the scores and parts."

- David R. (High School Band Director)

"I teach percussion lessons and do a lot of arranging and work through Sibelius/MainStage. Looking to synthesize my process for arranging between the three programs - I have Logic Pro but don't use it much and want to spiff up my arrangement mp3s and completed projects by using Logic as well."

- Lindsey H. (Percussion Instructor / Arranger)

"I am a senior in high school, and love writing mock-up shows and music in my free time. I signed up because while I have all three programs, I currently run them very inefficiently and hope to work out how to integrate and optimize the platforms!"

- Alex (High School Student)

"I have ALWAYS been hindered by the Electronic side of things, specifically the Mainstage/DAW/pro audio/synth components. Try to dig in but am overwhelmed by the huge learning curve by asking question, vids, even taken other courses, but none have been able to find away of sticking or making sense. Having this course could be what I need, especially being able to revert back to the vids for future use will hopefully be the key to a break thru for me."

- Manny C. (Percussion Educator)

"I’ve never had any experience integrating these softwares at all, so I’m all up for learning how to do so successfully. Being pretty new to all of this in general, I hope this will help me as I continue my journey as an aspiring writer. Thanks for doing this!"

- Zach B. (Aspiring Designer)

I've always looked for ways to maximize my writing time to focus on creativity. I want to show you what I've learned over the last two decades as a composer.


Hi, I'm Kevin

I've been involved with the marching arts for over 20 years as a performer, educator, designer, composer, arranger, judge, and clinician. 

I've written and designed for some of the top ensembles in the Marching Arts:

  • Broken City
  • Blue Knights
  • Bluecoats
  • Arcadia High School
  • Vista Murrieta High School

There was a point in my career where I was teaching and writing for 6 high schools. 2 drum corps and running my own publishing company. I wanted to make sure all of my students and clients got my best work, but without process or efficiency I would have struggled to create at a high level.

Recently, like many others, I've had a lot more time on my hands due to the pandemic. I've always been passionate about finding ways to create a greater impact within the marching arts community. Like many others, I'm using this time to upgrade myself, and in turn want to create resources for other aspiring designers in the marching arts community to do the same.

My hope with this workshop is that I can share some of the processes I've developed over the last 2 decades to help other music designers bypass many of the workflow hurdles I faced when trying to create something I was really proud of. 

There are so many audio related courses and tutorials available, but courses geared towards designers in the marching arts are far and few between.

With this workshop, I know I can help you speed up your process so you can spend more time writing better music, teaching your students, and serving your clients. 



Audio Playback Magic


Create an efficient music design workflow

Here’s everything that’s included:

  • 2 Hour Workshop Video
  • Supplemental Guide for Finale/Dorico
  • Access to our Private Community

Today's price: just $25


With Audio Playback Magic,  you're only 2 hours of training away from…


Learning how to route Midi between Sibelius, MainStage, and Logic Pro.


Simultaneously playing and recording synchronized audio with all 3 programs.


Engaging in a community of passionate designers who have a common goal.



Bret Kuhn

“I cannot say enough great things regarding Kevin's ability to explain the concepts of integrating Sibelius, MainStage and Logic. The sessions I have had with Kevin are very clear and concise. He has great verbiage and context for everything he is explains and the patience to keep you hanging in there when the waters get a bit deep. We all know that technology goes from zero to a hundred very quickly but Kevin has a way of talking you through the process and making it easier to absorb. He greatly increased my understanding of the technology and its ability to co-habitate in a creative environment. Thank you Kevin for all your inspiration!!”

Aya Strauss

“Learning how to integrate Sibelius, MainStage, and Logic seamlessly into my workflow was integral to expressing my ideas as a composer, and to creating intuitive and easy-to-use scores and sound setups for my students and staff. Kevin's process is streamlined and clearly refined from many years of experience arranging and composing for the marching arts, and is an invaluable asset to any aspiring or established composer.”

Frankie Rice

“Learning how to integrate Sibelius, MainStage, and Logic simultaneously was game changing for my workflow. Better understanding the Logic Environment has helped me streamline my entire writing process!”

Miguel Perez

“I’ve been working with Sibelius, Logic, and MainStage for about 10 years now. I would say I’m pretty well-versed with these programs but getting them to work together was task I have been reluctantly putting off for years. Having Kevin walk me through the process step-by-step made the experience incredibly easy and straightforward. Once getting it all working together, I was even more amazed with learning new workflow techniques between the programs that save time and energy while composing. The tips and tricks I learned will forever change the way I work on my future projects.”



Audio Playback Magic


Create an efficient music design workflow

Here’s everything that’s included:

  • 2 Hour Workshop Video
  • Supplemental Guide for Finale/Dorico
  • Access to our Private Community

Today's price: just $25