Sketch - Arcadia Winter 2021 - Part 1

arcadia composition design indoor percussion Apr 03, 2021

I wanted to share the initial sketch I made for the Arcadia High School Winter 2021 eShowcase submission - Part 1. I've been trying to start a lot of my projects recently with JUST piano sketches as an exercise for myself. Normally, I'd have Sibelius, Logic, and MainStage open when I'm starting a project (and don't get me wrong I totally use that workflow when its time to DELIVER music) - but I've been finding comfort in trying to craft ideas at the piano first.

The biggest reason for me (and this is TOTALLY personal) is that I've been wanting to improve my improvisational skills. Not really for improvising in a live performance setting - but really trying to find natural, instinctual flow to rhythm and melody - and stepping away from HARMONY a little.

I know that might sound weird - but I personally will get hung up on harmonic motion a lot - like using harmony as the broad building blocks and letting everything else fall into that. It's not like I was doing that as a rule, but I would just find myself zooming into that more than other things.

SO - as a personal growth parameter, I've been starting writing projects with piano only staves...and I'll try to record the parts in real time. Whatever comes out - comes out. I'll do takes, and if I don't like it, I'll doing it till it feels right. I'll find myself singing parts a lot - to get what feels right rhythmically - then try to translate it. Again this is super personal. I've had to detach myself from this feeling that there is a "RIGHT" way to do it. It weighs me down. I spend too much time and energy worrying about if I'm doing it right - and not enough time just doing.

I'm sharing this just for fun - try writing your next chunk of music with piano only - no other sounds - happy writing!